About Our Founder

Ann Danner says "Why Lil Livey, Why Now?"

When I founded Lil Livey Cosmetics, I wanted a line that not only spoke for women of every color but also spoke for the everyday woman. It was my goal that women worldwide saw the beauty in themselves and expressed it in as many ways possible. Because most of us are not makeup artists and are experimenting daily with our cosmetics, there was a need for variety and color to find the best you. I also wanted a skincare line that both young and mature skin could use without a concern for chemicals. Our 100% natural skincare line gave me just what I asked for. This had to be top quality and long lasting. This was my goal and I now offer it to you.


Welcome to an exciting line of cosmetics that offers more than three thousand products in our line. Purchase here or​ join our team of work-from-home online store owners. Lil Livey cosmetics was created just for you!


Ann Danner